Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Album Edit

I love music and lately I've been getting quite a few new albums so I thought that for today's scheduled post I would share them with you....

The first one is Ghost Stories by Coldplay. I'll be honest at first I wasn't keen on this album as I thought it was a bit boring, however it is a grower and now I love it. 
Favourite songs - Ink and Another's Arms

The second album is In The Lonely Hour by the incredible Sam Smith. I am desperate to see this man perform live after watching his set at Glastonbury. I instantly loved this album, but that's probably because I just love his voice! 
Favourite songs (Hard to choose as they are all good!) - Like I Can and Make It To Me 

Next up is Whispers by Passenger, another album that I highly recommend! I love listening to songs that tell stories and this album is perfect for this. Fore example the song Riding To New York is based on a true story, which makes you listen to and take in the words more than you normally might do.
Favourite songs - 27 and Bullets

This is the most recent album I've purchased and is currently the album that is playing on repeat in my car. If you thought Ed Sheeran's last album was good then you must must must buy this one, and I'd recommend getting the Deluxe Edition as the extra songs are sooo good! 
Favourite songs ( again picking just 2 is hard!) - Take It Back and Thinking Out Loud

I hope you're all well and enjoyed this slightly different post. What do you think of these albums, and are there any others you would recommend? 
Until next time 

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