Friday, 8 August 2014

A Night At The Races

Hi everyone, hope you're all well and have had a good week! 
Last night I went to Sandown Park Races with my mum,dad and sister. The main reason we went is because Jessie J was performing after the races and if you've read my Girl Effect post then you will know that my sister is a HUGE Jessie J fan. 
I'd never been to the races before so I was quite excited about being able to dress up for an evening out. The weather was lovely so I decided to wear a Zara dress and my pink Primark heels (which I am in love with!) My sister wasn't with us at the races as she was waiting at the front of the stage for the concert, so it was down to my mum, dad and I to pick the good horses to bet on. We're not very experienced in the whole betting/odds thing so we decided to just base our bets on the names of the horses that we liked. We lost every race and cheered for the wrong horse in the final race, leading us to think we'd won when our horse had actually come second to last (typical Akehurst luck!) 
After the excitement of the racing Jessie J put on another amazing show and ended the day perfectly! 
Anyway I'm off to work now. Enjoy your weekend!
Until next time 


  1. Such a lovely outfit! And I really like Jessie J's outfit too.