Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Black 'n' Blue

I wasn't sure about culottes to begin with. I tried a couple of pairs on in Primark but I wasn't really wearing the right top so I didn't like how they looked and I wasn't convinced that they were really me. However I found these in the New Look sale so thought I'd have another go and try them on and I'm really pleased that I did as I actually really like them. 
I was worried I wouldn't really have anything to wear with them but after getting them home I remembered that I had these black and blue New Look heels that I picked up in the January sales this year. So with those and my trusty H&M blue crop top, that actually goes well with the culottes, I convinced myself that I had to keep them.
They are actually a lot more versatile than I thought they would be as you can dress them down with skater shoes for a relaxed daytime look, and as they're longer I'll be able to wear them into the autumn which is a bonus.
What do you think of culottes?
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